10 Temptations Facing an Elder’s Wife

Aaron Menikoff | June 30, 2016

Puritan pastor Thomas Brooks gave thanks for the prayer life of his wife, Martha. Even when poor health demanded she be in bed, Martha instead collapsed into a corner of her home to pray. One biographer concluded the success of Brooks’s ministry was due to the faithfulness of his wife. I know many pastors, including myself, who would say the same thing.

Elders’ wives are the unsung heroes of the local church.

Husbands depend on their prayers, and congregations depend on their labor. They may teach children, lead women’s ministries, organize neighborhood Bible studies, practice hospitality, write books, or counsel the downhearted. Their ministries differ depending on their desires, their gifts, and the church’s needs. But they all support a man who has been called to shepherd a local church.


Having served on the elder body of three different congregations, I know firsthand the temptations elders face, but I’ve also seen how the wives of elders can struggle. Many of the following temptations are common to all Christians, but I’ve written them with elders’ wives in mind. My purpose is to encourage these women to persevere and to inform the prayers of the congregations who love them.

1. Forgetting God is pleased

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