11 Steps to Memorizing an Entire Book of the Bible

Andy Naselli | October 22, 2015

Editors’ note: This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article “14 Reasons to Memorize an Entire Book of the Bible.”

First Corinthians takes about 60 minutes to read aloud. It took me about 14 months to memorize the whole letter, and I’ve been spending the last several months reciting the entire letter each morning to lock it in. I’ve spent an average of probably 45 to 75 minutes each morning memorizing the letter. It took less time at first, but it ballooned as I tried to learn and retain more of the letter.

The go-to book on this is Andy Davis’s An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture. (See TGC’s interview with Davis.) I’ve essentially tweaked his approach. 

So how do we go about memorizing an extended section or an entire book of the Bible? Here are 11 basic steps I’ve followed and commend to others:

1. Make memorizing part of your daily routine.

You can’t memorize an entire book of the Bible without persistently working on it, day after day. Persevere. Perhaps take Sundays off; I don’t, but I usually review on Sundays rather than try to add more sentences.

2. Strip out all verse numbers.

I love how Andy…

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