20 Quotes from Mark Dever’s New Book on the Great Commission

Matt Smethurst | April 28, 2016

The following 20 quotes caught my attention as I read Mark Dever’s new book Understanding the Great Commission, part of B&H’s excellent Church Basics series. Thanks to Tony Reinke for inspiring the 20 quotes idea.

“The Great Commission is normally fulfilled through planting and growing local churches. . . . So the Great Commission involves you, the individual Christian. But the Great Commission also involves you through your local church. That is the normal way God means for us to go, make disciples, baptize, and teach.” (2)

“There is one place we should look for the firstfruits of heaven on earth: the local church. It’s where we catch the first glimpses of heaven’s springtime blossoms.” (11)

“You can have wonderfully rich quiet times, but if that doesn’t translate into how you treat other people, then something is wrong. The normal, natural way for Christians to express our love to God is not merely in singing hymns to him, though that is wonderful. It is also in giving ourselves in love to others.” (13) 

“Churches possess the authority to recognize heaven’s truth and to recognize heaven’s people, just as they should demonstrate heaven’s love.” (16)

“The church is not fundamentally…

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