3 Ways You Can Serve Teenagers in Your Church

Jaquelle Crowe | May 6, 2016

Some think teenagers are precious works in progress, and others are overwhelmed by their messiness. Many church members think serving teenagers is a lot like serving babies: there are those who have the “gift” of youth ministry, and those who simply don’t.

And let’s be honest—teenagers can be messy. I’m a teenager, and I admit that. We aren’t always the easiest to serve. Even those of us following Jesus are still young, inexperienced, and have much to learn. We’re in a different stage of life than any other church member, so it can be difficult to relate to our persistent challenges, struggles, and questions.

But whether you know it or not, the teenagers in your church need you. They need the whole church—pastor, stay-at-home mom, single, married, retired—to love and welcome them as fellow members of the family.

Over my 18 years in the church, I’ve seen three ways every church member can (and should) serve their teenagers: by getting to know us, by not underestimating us, and by teaching us.

1. Get to Know Us

Love can’t thrive where stereotypes and misunderstandings reign. If you don’t know the teenagers at your church, you can’t serve them (Gal. 5:13). Start by pulling them into the life…

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