3 Ways You Might Be Teaching Your Kids the Prosperity Gospel

Chap Bettis | October 2, 2015

The prosperity gospel has rightly been called a theological perversion, a false gospel, America’s most poisonous export to the world. It is glamorous, glitzy, seductive, and anathema to every faithful follower of Christ.

The message is simple: God’s desire for every Christian is that they be healthy, wealthy, and happy. We simply name what we want and God’s hand will move to give it to us. Sadly, this message is deceiving millions, and it might have infiltrated your parenting. 

Over the years I have watched loving parents unwittingly teach their kids principles of this false gospel. All were caring parents and wanted the best for their children, and all attended faithful gospel-preaching churches. None realized they were communicating a different message at home.

How can we detect the presence of this teaching in the way we lead our children? 

3 Diagnostic Questions 

Ask yourself if any of these ideas and practices have subtly invaded your home: 

1. Do you unwittingly center your life around your children? 

The prosperity gospel teaches we are the center of the universe and God is here for our happiness. The biblical truth, however, is while God’s love overflows for his people, we are made for him. He, not us, is the center.


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