4 Portraits of Power from a Magazine Rack Near You

Jen Wilkin | November 1, 2016

Humans crave power. The Christian acknowledges that all power belongs to God—that he is omnipotent, infinitely powerful, delegating power as he chooses. This means that, practically, any power we possess should be used to bring glory to its Source. But ever since the Fall, each of us is a power broker, looking for ways to use and amplify power for our own ends.

Let’s consider four of the most common sources of power we seek, and the implications of using them either to glorify self or to glorify God. To identify these sources, we need look no further than the covers of the magazines in the grocery store checkout line. 

Based on their faithful report, our culture grants power to the strong, the beautiful, the wealthy, and the charismatic.

1. Sports Illustrated: Physical Strength as Power

We lavish glory on the physically strong among us. They wear Super Bowl rings, boast Olympic medals, endorse sport drinks. We pay a premium to watch them exhibit their dominance. But we often cross the line into idolatry of physical strength, an idolatry that filters down to the common masses in simpler forms. We see it in the way we glorify fitness, but most…

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