4 Questions for Women Considering Seminary

Mary Willson | April 12, 2016

Editors’ note: At our upcoming National Women’s Conference (June 16 to 18 in Indianapolis), 13 seminaries will host a Seminary Social, during which women interested in enrolling in seminary will be able to interact with each other and with admissions representatives. Current seminary students and graduates are also welcome to come and encourage these women. This gathering is for any woman contemplating any seminary degree program, including online tracks (more details here). Space at TGCW16 is running out, so register for the conference soon! (No special registration is required for the Seminary Social.)

Some of my favorite conversations are those I have with women considering seminary. I’m refreshed to hear of a woman’s hunger to know Christ and make him known among the nations, and of her willingness to invest precious resources into receiving formal training for evangelism and discipleship.

In no way must a woman attend seminary in order to be useful in the church, and yet it’s good to celebrate and promote formal theological training among women when such training is pursued in faithfulness to the Scriptures. I’m seeing the Lord raise up women for this training from diverse life stages, backgrounds, interests, and gifts; I’m also hearing more and…

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