4 Reasons We Became Missionaries to Latin America

Justin Burkholder | November 10, 2016

I’m American, and I’m part of a team of pastors who’ve planted a church in Guatemala’s capital city. People here lovingly call me “gringo.”

When folks find out we’re ministering in Guatemala, many ask the same question: “Aren’t enough Christians there already?” Guatemala is a “reached” country, after all. If many Christians are there aready, why would a “gringo” like me go to do the work a local could?

But the question also makes me wonder—how many Christians is “enough”?

Statistical Problem

Before I explain why we chose to move to Latin America, one thing demands mention whenever missions in Latin America is discussed.

In the world of missions we often hear talk of “reached nations” and “unreached nations.” As a general rule, if 2 percent of a population is evangelical, the country is considered reached. The problem, of course, is the arbitrary nature of that number.

Additionally, determining the percentage of evangelicals doesn’t help if we don’t have a clear definition of what an evangelical is. For example, many studies say Guatemala City is 40 percent to 50 percent evangelical. According to the last study by Pew Forum, however, 90 percent of those evangelicals adhere to the principles of the prosperity gospel. If that’s the case, then the number of actual evangelicals—those who believe…

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