4 Ways to Make Disciples

Mark Dever | May 30, 2016

Discipling doesn’t seem like the most obvious way to establish and strengthen a kingdom, does it? Kingdom building is typically the stuff of royal battles, dynastic wars, great fortunes, or works of political philosophy by old men with long gray beards.

But Jesus concluded his time on earth by commanding his disciples to make disciples. Is that really how his kingdom would be built?

Jesus taught his disciples to live in view not of today or tomorrow, but eternity. We try to help others follow Jesus; we do deliberate spiritual good; we pray for gospel influence; we proclaim God’s words, and we do all this for the sake of the Last Day. Yes, we may see some fruit now. But the goal is always to present people mature in Christ then.

What is discipling in addition to helping others follow Jesus? It’s doing them spiritual good. Specifically, it’s initiating a relationship in which you teach, correct, model, and love. Needless to say, it takes great humility.


1. Teach 

At its core, discipling is teaching. We teach with words. We teach all the words Jesus taught his disciples, and all the words of the Bible.

Corporately, this is why my own church preaches expositionally and…

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