4 Ways to Worship—Not Worry—This Election Season

Kevin Halloran | March 2, 2016

Perhaps past presidential election cycles have left you feeling one of two emotions: elation at the victory of your favorite candidate, or hand-wringing despair that the “enemy” is behind the wheel of your country and about to drive it off the cliff.

I’ve been both places, high-fiving likeminded strangers after my candidate won, or sitting with my head in my hands in hopeless despair.

It seems every election is heralded as the most important in the history of our nation. This fact, combined with scary prospects on the ballot, used to tempt me to fret over the latest poll data, the hot air emanating from political pundits, or the fear-mongering tactics of politicians and the media.

I thought there were only two options: go “all in” by hanging my hopes on the election’s outcome or back away completely, hoping to resist the emotional pull that could drag me into the abyss of despair or lead me to hope in someone other than Christ.

This time, I’m taking a different approach. I want this election cycle to move my heart to worship. I see four main ways to do this:

1. Confess sins relating to past elections.

The election season is just another opportunity to battle the world, the flesh, and the…

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