5 Reasons Preachers Avoid Sermons on Hell

Kevin Halloran | November 5, 2015

What if someone said your preaching was missing one ingredient that could undermine the effectiveness of your entire ministry? Sadly, this is the state of much preaching today that aims to be biblical but misses something essential to a full-orbed biblical Christianity: the judgment of God.

Some who seek to be faithful to Scripture unconsciously avoid preaching hell because of an underlying framework; others consciouly avoid it because they perceive their listeners don’t want to hear about it. 

Here are five reasons why preachers, whether consciously or not, may avoid preaching judgment: 

1. They have subtly bought into a version of the prosperity gospel. 

Even pastors who formally reject the prosperity gospel can be tempted to functionally believe it in their hearts and proclaim it from the pulpit. Our materialistic culture only compounds this danger. Instead of proclaiming eternal judgment, preachers blunt the sharp edge of God’s wrath out of a desire to highlight what can get out of Christianity.

2. They have idolized God’s love to the neglect, or denial, of his other attributes.

While Scripture is clear that “God is love” (1 John 4:16), it’s equally clear that he is holy, righteous, jealous, and just—the judge of the universe to whom all will give account. Our feel-good culture of positive thinking may not like to talk about negative things like death or hell, but God’s Word has much to say about…

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