5 Things Singles Wish Married Couples Knew

Jennifer Grisham | February 16, 2017

As my church has been going through 1 Corinthians, we’ve talked a lot about marriage and singleness. Ever since we looked at 1 Corinthians 7, I’ve had interesting conversations with my single and married friends.

In my experience, here are five things singles wish married couples knew. 

1. God settles the solitary in a family—and it might be yours. 

Psalm 68:6 says, “God settles the solitary in a home.” One way God does this is through the church. He creates homes both from biological families and from beautiful friendships that become like family.

The first time I dealt with the difficulty of being single, my community group leader noticed I was struggling. We talked about it, but that’s not what helped most. What helped most was becoming part of her family. It was celebrating birthdays and holidays, going to dinner with them, spending time with her children, and just being loved by them. They were and will always be family to me.

I encourage you to make your single friends part of your life and your family. Don’t assume we’re too busy to have dinner with you on a Friday or Saturday night. We love your kids! (Babysitting doesn’t count. Your single friend isn’t just your babysitter.)

2. Marriage is sanctifying, but so is singleness.

Marriage is hard…

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