6 Things Christians Can Do About Same-Sex Marriage

Sean McDowell and John Stonestreet | July 20, 2015

“It’s over,” he told me (John) grimly. “We’ve lost.”

These words came from a wounded warrior, a pastor who had dedicated much of his ministry to calling Christians to apply their faith in the public square and to opposing things like same-sex marriage. But his side, which he had spent so much time and energy defending, had been, he thought, definitively defeated. He was licking his wounds and wondering what to do.

Sentiments like these are not unusual, and we can sympathize with them. But we also hope they don’t last too long. The legal status of something alters neither its truthfulness nor its claim on our lives. As Christians, we are still responsible to the institution of marriage as God intended it, just as we are still responsible for unborn children, regardless of whether abortion is legal in a post-Roe v. Wade culture.

Informed and articulate Christians can make a difference in the same-sex marriage conversation. Yes, those hoping to promote natural marriage must overcome reputation liabilities, a firmly entrenched counter mindset, and the difficulty of presenting a winsome and reasonable case for our position. But we can, and we must, calmly and winsomely seek to make a difference. 

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