A Book to Get Your Pastor for Christmas

Brian Croft | December 11, 2015

I’ve received many letters and e-mails throughout the years that have had a common theme:

Pastor Brian, I’m pastoring my first church and suddenly found myself facing my first funeral. I panicked. Calmed down. Bought your little book on funerals and read it in one day. Then I prepared and conducted the funeral the next day. Thank you!

Every time I receive a note or email with this message, I’m struck afresh with an undeniable reality: as good and helpful as a seminary education is, it doesn’t prepare men for the practicalities of pastoral ministry.

Practical ministry is best learned through pastoral mentoring in a local church and through written resources from seasoned pastors that one can pick up in a moment’s notice. Many of the issues pastors face in the daily grind of ministry arise with little or no notice. R. Kent Hughes’s newest book, The Pastor’s Book: A Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Pastoral Ministry, is a wonderfully modern, comprehensive resource that serves ministers to this end. This large and beautifully bound hardback seeks to serve pastors and churches in four ways (19):

  1. Encourage a thoroughly gospel-centered ministry
  2. Refresh the church from the wells of historic orthodoxy
  3. Provide many of the best practical examples
  4. Become a go-to resource for…

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