A Friendly Critic on the Best New Resource for Charismatics

Steve Timmis | March 29, 2017

Let me begin this review of Sam Storms’s latest book—Practicing the Power: Welcoming the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in Your Life—with a couple of relevant disclosures. 

First, I know, love, and respect the author. In my cultural parlance, he’s a “good man.” The church he leads is part of Acts 29, and his contribution to our “diverse, global family” is invaluable. Matt Chandler, who wrote the foreword for the book, is a close friend and someone I respect and love deeply.

Second, although I’m not a cessationist—nor even a functional cessationist—I’m not and would not describe myself a charismatic. I say this simply to let you know where any prejudice in this review may lie. 

So am I a suitable person to be reviewing this particular book?

I think so. Allow me to explain why. 

One of the features of contemporary culture is the loss of creative dialogue and healthy debate. People no longer have convictions, just opinions. But among God’s people, this ought not to be. We can hold opinions, but ought to do so without rancor toward brothers or sisters who don’t share them. We should have convictions, but no matter how firmly convinced we are, we should always hold them with…

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