A New Go-To Series on the Church

Garrett Kell | May 12, 2017

Go-to books are hard to come by. I’m talking about books that are the perfect resource when someone asks you a question. You can hand them a copy and say, “Trust me; read this.”

Joe Thorn’s series on the church is in the go-to category for questions about the church. 

Thorn is the lead pastor of Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, Illinois. I’ve been using a few of his articles in our church’s internship program for years, so when I heard he wrote a series of books about the church, I was eager to read them. So Josh (one of our elders), Patrick (counselor and church member), Jon (engineer and church member), and I spent a few days reading and discussing them. What follows is a summary of our take on the books.

What’s in the Series

Thorn’s work is arranged in three short books that build on one another. 

Book 1 — The Heart of the Church: The Gospel’s History, Message, and Meaning 

The good news of the gospel is the truth that shapes a church’s identity and mission. Book 1 helps the reader understand how grand doctrines like justification, forgiveness, conversion, reconciliation, sanctification, election, and regeneration affect believers and bring them into the body of Christ. Getting the gospel right is…

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