A Simple Way to Pray for a Small Congregation

Michael Herrington | January 19, 2017

I have the great joy of being a small church pastor. Because it is small, I know everyone, and because I know everyone, I can pray specifically for them by name.

As a pastor I consider it a privilege as well as a responsibility to pray daily for those in my congregation. But I confess it is easy to resort to token prayers. You know the ones: “Lord, be with Jim today—and Andrew and Janet.” 

The dailyness of prayer—the dailyness of anything—can suck the life and thought out of a task, even one like going before the throne of the living God for the people he has given me to love.  

But prayer is not just one of many responsibilities—it is a primary one. I have wrestled with this privileged responsibility since the good people at Christ Community Church allowed me to come among them. While my ever-present goal is to pray for them each day, the method by which I seek to accomplish this has varied.

I want to share how I attempt (sometimes better than others) to keep rote prayers at bay. And my prayer as I write this is that you, whether pastor or church member, may be…

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