Bringing the Bible to America’s Capital—and to the World

Jeff Robinson | January 3, 2017

On the evening of June 21, 1866, Charles Spurgeon addressed his pastors’ college students on the necessity of reading Scripture:

[The Bible is] the Christian’s book. You may read other books and your mind may thereby be well-furnished with spiritual things, but if you keep to the Word of God, though you may be deficient in many points of a liberal education, you will not be deficient in the education that will fit you for blessed service here, for the service of skies, for communion with God on earth and communion with Christ in glory.

Like believers across the ages, Spurgeon believed that Scripture possesses its own transformative power—that the careful reader will emerge from the encounter changed.

Museum of the Bible opens its doors this year in Washington, D.C. Their hope is the same as Spurgeon’s—that visitors will come to learn about the Bible and be changed by history’s most famous and influential book. The museum was founded by the Green family, owners of the Hobby Lobby chain. We are pleased to welcome Museum of the Bible as a partner at TGC’s 2017 National Conference. Please join us in Indianapolis and view dozens of original Reformation era biblical artifacts and antiquities from the Green…

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