Brothers and Sisters, We Must Recover Friendship

Christine Hoover | November 11, 2016

What makes friendship distinctly Christian?

I have the privilege of sitting across tables from numerous women, many of whom are asking some form of this question. They don’t know they’re asking this question when they’re considering how to respond to a broken relationship, a wound from a friend, or the feeling of being left out, but they’re asking it all the same:

How do I practice friendship by faith and in step with the Spirit? 

Distinctly Christian Friendship

I too have asked this question. Friendship came easily in my youth, but after college, when work and responsibilities devoured most of my time and energy, I found myself adrift in years of relational loneliness, finally concluding I’d lost the ability to make friends altogether. The resulting insecurity and self-isolation led to my own shame, envy, and bitterness toward others for not coming toward me with friendship, and even frustration at God that, despite being a good gift-giver, he was inexplicably withholding the gift of friendship from me.

My understanding of the gospel of grace hadn’t yet come into focus. When God kindly awakened me to his true character and love for me, I was changed in a million different ways, and none more…

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