Evading Weeds and Wrangling Snakes

Lindsey Carlson | August 4, 2017

Words can wilt the soul.

You’re a terrible mother. You’re so lazy. Your kids don’t even know you love them. You’re ruining them.

The words hurt and made me question my capabilities as a mother. But I needed to hear the truth, and I’m supposed to love reproof, and, after all, the Lord does discipline those he loves. The hurtful words kept coming.

You’d probably be a better mother if you took better care of your body. Eating right and exercising are the keys to a healthy life! Why can’t you try harder?

Sometimes her words catch me off-guard, and sometimes they’re predictable as the sun’s setting. She’s speaks them by the sink full of dirty dishes, in the middle of a room full of friends, and over my shoulder in the mirror. She knows my most humiliating hang-ups, sensitive secrets, and intense insecurities, and she’s not afraid to leverage them. And while she’s hurtful to hang out with, I can’t avoid her—she’s me.

Avoid the Weeds

This version of me promotes toxic thoughts, and they grow like weeds. They choke the life out of the well-watered, cultivated plants of faith, hope, and love. 

I find my way out of the weeds by…

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