God Dwells Among Us

| February 23, 2015

Greg Beale and Mitchell Kim. God Dwells Among Us: Expanding Eden to the Ends of the Earth. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 2014. 215 pp. $17.00.

God Dwells Among Us: Expanding Eden to the Ends of the Earth found its genesis in Greg Beale’s earlier book The Temple and the Church’s Mission (IVP Academic, 2004). Within that volume, Beale (professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia) provided a rigorous and compelling treatment of the biblical themes of tabernacle and temple. Mitchell Kim (lead pastor of Living Water Alliance Church outside Chicago) later developed Beale’s rich theological argument into a seven-part sermon series, which he condensed yet further into a conference seminar.

God Dwells Among Us converts these sermons back into a more expanded written format, interspersed with material from the original book. The result is a work that has the pedagogical focus and practical force of a sermon series while displaying theological depth any interested reader should find rewarding and, at various points, even exhilarating.

Expanding Eden

God Dwells Among Us follows the thread of the biblical narrative, from the creation of the world in Genesis 1–2 to the consummation of the new heavens and new earth in Revelation 21–22. It begins…

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