Honest Evangelism

Mack Stiles | October 7, 2015

I agreed to review Rico Tice’s new book Honest Evangelism: How To Talk About Jesus Even When It’s Tough sight unseen and I really, really wanted to like it. 

After all, the people who endorsed it are solid folk, and I want Christians to share their faith. And let’s face it—most good-hearted steps toward evangelism are good steps. If we’re going to fumble and stumble, then let’s fumble and stumble toward the cross. And besides, evangelism isn’t a hard concept. I’ve been working at it for 40 years and can boil it down in one sentence: “Evangelism is teaching the gospel message with the aim to persuade.” 

So what could go wrong, right? 

As I waited for the book, I began to waver. I began thinking of all the programmatic shenanigans foisted on good-hearted Christians who want help talking to Joe about Jesus during their lunch break at work.

The book arrived. I flipped to the table of contents. The chapter headings only created more worries: “Chapter 6: ‘Be Yourself.’”

Yikes, I thought, If I’m going to “be myself,” I’m never going to share the gospel!

I read the book.

Unexpectedly Encouraged and Challenged  

My fears vanished. I couldn’t be more excited about this hard-hitting, honest book on personal…

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