How Architecture Testifies to Beauty and Brokenness in our Cities

| December 3, 2014

Sukie Leung practices as an architect in Toronto, Canada. She is a LEED-accredited professional that designs with sustainable strategies and green building technologies.  She completed her master of architecture degree from University of Toronto. She is currently working on designing buildings with focus in educational facilities and residential developments. Her interest is in understanding ways in which building can support, engage, and enrich the diverse needs of the people which it serves.

How would you describe your work day to day?

As an architect, I collaborate with a large team of professionals—engineers, contractors, urban planners, and other stakeholders—to develop a design vision and articulate that vision into built reality. As I work with our consultants and clients, I identify the project needs as well as understand relationships between spaces. I also help oversee construction budget and scheduling. The end goal is to succeed both conceptually as well as technically: we need to comply with building codes and safety standards, but we also want our buildings to meet the needs of the people they are created to serve.

Your architectural firm designs and builds according to the principles of sustainability, efficiency, and intelligence. They also promote the idea that urban architecture

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