How Did You Become Reformed?

Ryan Troglin | April 5, 2016

It’s a question those of us in Reformed circles are eventually asked. It typically falls right after “How did you become a Christian?” and right before “When did you read Desiring God for the first time?” It’s a question we come to expect and an answer we’re happy to give.

But for those in traditional minority communities, the shift to Reformed convictions can present unique challenges. Cultural hurdles are often more pronounced, so the journey can be awkward, even ostracizing.

In this new seven-minute roundtable, Trip Lee (hip-hop artist and pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta), Alex Medina (creative director at Reach Records), and Jemar Tisby (co-founder of Reformed African American Network) tell us how they came to embrace Reformed theology. As they share their stories, we hear how Scripture, discipleship, and John Piper played into the process; how their families and churches received the change; and more. Further, as minorities they consider the best way to reach others in urban environments with Reformed doctrine. 

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