How Jazz Music Teaches Us to Trust God

Bethany Jenkins | January 20, 2016

John Raymond is a jazz trumpeter, composer, and educator. Since moving to New York City in 2009, John has performed with some of the most well-respected names in jazz. He is also an active guest educator in high schools and universities around the country. His new album, Real Feels, incorporates jazz, folk, and indie-rock influences and releases February 12.

What do you do everyday?

I conduct a jazz band and teach trumpet lessons to middle and high school students at an international school that is affiliated with the United Nations. I also spend several hours a day practicing my instrument as well as taking care of other business-related things connected to my own projects.

How did you discover your love for jazz?

I started playing in fifth grade and—thanks to some amazing teachers—got to participate in the school jazz band, study with professional musicians around town, and have lots of opportunities to learn more about jazz throughout my elementary and middle school years. That really led me to love it from an early age.

Did you play at your church?

While I grew up in church, I wasn’t really a Christian until I was 16 years old when the Lord…

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