How Mormons Are Winning the Internet

Jordan Loftis | August 31, 2017

A Buddhist monk, a Mormon missionary, and an evangelical pastor walk into a party. They enter a noisy living room, cramped with people of every creed and color. Then an odd thing happens.

A young woman climbs onto a table, clearly distraught. She asks through tears, “Who is Jesus?”

The pastor’s face lights up at the surprising question. This is just the sort of person he prays for. But before he can answer, the party host zips to the woman’s side. Offering a hand, the host helps the young woman down from the table. “This way, my friend. I know the most credible person in the room to answer this question for you.”

The host looks the pastor’s way and weaves through the crowd, guiding the young woman. The pastor smiles and prays. He asks for wisdom and that the woman’s heart would be tender toward the gospel.

The pair stops in front of the monk, the missionary, and the pastor. The host’s eyes dart first to the monk. He’s known widely as a man of peace but also as a man who speaks in riddles. He’s not the right fit for this question, she decides.

Next, she looks at the earnest pastor

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