How Not to Be a Proud Parent

Jack Klumpenhower | August 17, 2015

I don’t like Bible studies about how to be a good parent. I’m not a fan of Christian parenting books, seminars, or Sunday school classes either. I do my best to avoid all of these.

I will admit up front that the main reason I dislike parenting resources is a bad reason. Sure, often the books and such are no good, merely burdening parents with rules and unrealistic results that make them feel scummy. But even when the books are good, I don’t like to be seen reading them. I don’t want anyone else telling me how to raise my kids. And I especially don’t like the suggestion that I might need help. I’m too proud.

I’m repenting of this, but I still need to repent much more fully. I remain a proud parent—in a bad way. 

So last year when a publisher asked if I would help write a small group Bible study for parents, I hesitated. First I said I was the wrong guy for that particular project. But then I learned that Serge co-founder and missionary Rose Marie Miller would be the study’s lead writer. Rose Marie is ninety-some years old and still the definition of a…

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