How Our Work Embodies God’s Love

Bethany Jenkins | May 19, 2016

Earlier this year, we invited women to apply for a special dinner hosted by Every Square Inch at our upcoming women’s conference. Almost 100 women applied by submitting 750-word reflections that answered three questions: (1) What do you do every day? (2) How do you feel about what you do? (3) When have you found your work particularly meaningful?

Today, we feature 4 of the 25 women selected.

LightstockThe women featured below have (at least) one thing in common—they are working in ways that they incarnate the love of God to their neighbors. Whether that means loving her patients (Anna), her readers (Elizabeth), her foster children (Kelly), or her clients (Rebecca), each of these women is leveraging her work to embody the love of God to anyone who crosses her path. In their work, they are the hands and feet of Jesus, helping those who look to them for help, encouragement, and hope.

Anna Smith is a night-shift nurse who works at a large hospital in Indianapolis. She primarily cares for neuro and trauma patients who are recovering from a variety of problems—from strokes to major motor vehicle accidents. When she isn’t working or catching up on sleep, Anna loves…

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