How Prayer Affects Our Spiritual Formation

Joe Carter | January 17, 2017

Editors’ note: Every day we are becoming either more like Jesus or less like him. Spiritual formation is the name for that process by which Christians, in union with Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit, become conformed both internally and externally to the character of Christ for the purpose of communion with God.

The closing of the year and the beginning of a new one is an opportune time to reflect on our spiritual formation and to develop habits to help us become more like Jesus. In this weekly series of articles we’ll consider eight spiritual habits to develop for 2017.

Habit 1: Assessing spiritual growth — Self-examination

Habit 2: Hearing from God — Seeing Jesus in Scripture

Habit 3: Speaking to God — Prayer

Habit 4: Engaging with God’s Word — Engaging Scripture

Habit 5: Communion with God — Worship

Habit 6: Conforming internally — Developing Wisdom

Habit 7: Conforming externally — Stewardship

Habit 8: Responding in obedience — Faithfulness

Each article will contain a brief explanation of why that habit is important, a practical application to incorporate it into your life, and a self-assessment that can be used throughout the year to gauge your progress.

What Prayer

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