How to Glorify God by Being a Generalist

Joe Carter | May 27, 2016

Note: There’s a high probability that this article will not be of interest to you personally. I hope, though, that it will be of use/encouragement to someone you do know, so even if you skip it (and I don’t blame you if you do) please consider passing it along to them.

One of my vocations is to be a generalist. Yet I almost missed my calling because I didn’t realize it was something God would call me to be.

Over the years I had frequently heard friends and colleagues who felt a call to become a specialist; not once had I heard someone say he was called to be a generalist. So I decided to become a specialist, too, and pursue a PhD in history.

I lasted a semester before dropping out.

It was only after experiencing what appeared to be a failure that I was finally able to recognize what I should have known all along: God had always been calling me to be a generalist, a person whose interest, aptitudes, and skills are applied to a variety of different fields.

It may seem peculiar that some of us could be called by God to pursue dozens or…

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