How to Help Your Teenager Choose Friends

Jaquelle Crowe | March 2, 2017

When I was 13, I suddenly made a lot of friends. It happened when I joined the drama club. I immediately clicked with the core of kind and passionate teenagers, and we bonded over our love for theater and shared desire to create meaningful conversations on stage. We attended each others’ birthday parties, threw cast parties, and saw each other weekly at rehearsals.

But three years later I left the club, and things changed. The friendships began to fade. The glue that held our relationships together—drama—was gone, and without it our “close” friendships fizzled out.

In contrast, there’s Hannah. We’ve only met each other in person once, and she lives on the opposite side of the country, but I consider her one of my best friends. Our grandparents went to church together and set us up as email “pen pals” more than seven years ago (when we were 12).

Hannah is a fellow Jesus follower and encourages me with every email she sends. I can go back to some of our earliest correspondences and read through all her emails to find her prayers for me, her transparency, her love for truth, and her gracious accountability. Our friendship only gets stronger as time goes…

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