How to Raise Radical Children

Champ Thornton | February 6, 2017

Today’s media has hijacked the word “radical.” Its Latin origin simply means “roots,” like the roots of a tree. 

In this sense, Christian parents actually hope to raise “radical” kids. As our kids grow up, we want them to grow down—deep into the roots of the faith.

Deep Roots

Why should we wait years to introduce our kids to theological treasures like the Trinity, the attributes of God, the storyline of the Bible, or union with Christ? Kids are brighter than we often realize. Even at a young age, they’re designed to absorb and interpret the world around them.

When one of our kids was about 4 years old, I asked, “What happens to your food after you eat it?” Answer: “The mice in my tummy eat it.” Which of course raised a second question: “How do the mice get into your stomach?” Answer: “Through my pockets.” (Obviously.)

As our kids grow up, we want them to grow down.

Though off the mark, these answers show that children are always processing, ever journeying into the wider world around them. And it’s our job to guide them, pointing out truths they might miss or misinterpret on their own. We want them to come to know the Lord…

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