How Vocation Brings Dignity to Your Work

Tim Challies | May 23, 2016

What we do is closely related to who we are. And as Christians, you and I are responsible to give all of who we are and what we do to the Lord.

Often we get tripped up in thinking about vocation. We might struggle to see how our work brings glory to God. Alternatively, our eyes might show us the farmer as the provider of food, or the pastor as provider of spiritual nurture. But we easily miss that God is present and active in everything they do for us.

In my new book Visual Theology, coauthored with Josh Byers, we seek to display theology applied to the Christian life in a helpful, visually appealing way (think: infographics meet doctrine). We treat topics such as the gospel, Christian identity, becoming like Christ, and more.

But arguably one of the most enjoyable and rewarding topics to take up has been vocation, and specifically some applications for how we might see the worth of our work.

You Have Many Vocations 

A great misunderstanding about vocation is that each of us has just one: I am a pastor or I am a mechanic or I am a homemaker. But a thorough understanding of…

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