In Awe of God in Unexpected Places

Bethany Jenkins | May 26, 2016

Earlier this year, we invited women to apply for a special dinner hosted by Every Square Inch at our upcoming women’s conference. Almost 100 women applied by submitting 750-word reflections that answered three questions: (1) What do you do every day? (2) How do you feel about what you do? (3) When have you found your work particularly meaningful?

Today, we feature four of the 25 women selected.


The women featured below have (at least) one thing in common—their work puts them in a posture of awe of God. In unexpected places, they have seen God’s glory in singleness, at-home work, everyday duties, and being let go. Through these circumstances, they have learned to give glory to God and worship him as high and lifted up—even when their work has brought them low.

Anna Chao is a property manager and mortgage loan officer. Her true passion is people and engaging in conversations of faith—from hearing stories of how people came to know Jesus as Savior or hearing stories of doubt in God’s goodness. She lives in San Marino, California, with her two golden retrievers and a one-eyed black kitten. In her spare time, Anna fosters fur babies in need. 

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