In Peace or Crisis, Instruct Your Children in the Lord

William Ross | August 17, 2015

Children are amazing. Uninhibited by the assumption that memorization is supposed to be difficult, their capacity for internalizing Scripture is incredible. Right around last Christmas, my wife and I began teaching our then two-year-old son memory verses and working through a children’s catechism we’d seen recommended.

Most days my wife would review a chosen verse, helping our son, Amos, remember and recite it, and each night we worked on one of “his questions” before bed. Nothing complicated, just a simple “repeat after me” approach in small chunks at a time, reviewing the ones we’d done already. He absorbed them much faster than we expected. By June Amos could zip through a handful of Bible verses, and no fewer than 30 catechism questions and answers. What a joy it is to watch your child grow in the knowledge of the Lord!

And what a firm foundation it builds for times of trouble.

Everything changed abruptly, almost without warning. Several weeks ago, I was hiking in Kentucky with friends when I got a phone call from my wife, who was at the emergency room with our three-year-old son. Shortly after that, we wept together in utter shock as I listened on speakerphone to a doctor telling…

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