Is Adam LaRoche a Hero for Walking Away from $13 Million?

Mark Mellinger | March 21, 2016

As a baseball fan, I was disappointed to see the news from last week that Chicago White Sox slugger Adam LaRoche was retiring at age 36. LaRoche seems to be one of the truly good guys in the game, an unashamed and exemplary Christian role model whom I had hoped to see rebound from a tough 2015 season. When I first heard of his decision, I chalked it up to age and injury taking their toll. 

My disappointment for LaRoche turned to shock when my phone buzzed with a news alert revealing the actual reason for his retirement. Baseball fans probably know by now that White Sox executive vice president Ken Williams recently asked LaRoche to dial back the clubhouse presence of LaRoche's teenage son, Drake, who had his own locker and was reportedly with the team for 120 games last season. LaRoche viewed the request as going back on a an agreement made before he signed his contract with the team last year, and he decided he would rather retire than play under that modified arrangement.

Used by permission: Tribune Content / AlamyLaRoche invoked his Christian faith when explaining why he left the game, saying it had led him to choose his family over his career. Prominent baseball…

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