Jesus, Power, and You

Brent Kompelien | May 9, 2016

I live in San Francisco, among some of the most powerful in the world. My neighbors are designing your iPhone. That dad at the playground is a world-renowned venture capitalist. The woman next to me in this coffee shop is a VP of an investment bank.

Most come to San Francisco today because it’s a place of innovation and opportunity. From the young software developer to the hipsters and hippies, if you ask whether they’re optimistic about their future the resounding answer in San Francisco is, “Of course!”

And yet I live in a city with incredible poverty. Just walk through the Tenderloin District or Bayview-Hunter’s Point and see the vast numbers of homeless persons, the concentration of poor black families, and the lack of access to basic needs like a grocery store. Many in my city see the mansions in Pacific Heights or the constant traffic at the Apple Store and can do little more than beg for money. They know they have no power.

San Francisco is just one example of a story unfolding in America. In the last few years, we’ve seen increased tension over race-related violence, protest of the “99 percent,” and two populist presidential candidates who’ve received a surprising amount of support. We’ve seen the sharp…

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