Keep Calm and Plant Churches

| February 17, 2015

A quick glance at world events over the past year, not to mention this week, presents an ominous picture. From beheadings to terrorism, nuclear negotiations to ceasefire negotiations, Supreme Court rulings to the court of popular opinion, the daily headlines don’t exactly evoke confidence and stability for Christians.

In seemingly dark times, how should Christians respond?

Return to Old Paths

Our response should be the same as that of believers of old. If you were a Christian living in the first century, you’d have probably known some alarm as you lived through major events that dramatically altered the course of the world: the first Jewish-Roman war (AD 63–73), Roman persecution of Christians (e.g., AD 64), and even the destruction of the temple (AD 70). 

Certainly believers then, as now, had fears and would have wondered how their newfound faith in the apostolic message of Jesus made sense in a world that seemed to be spiraling out of control. And yet the overall picture we see in the letters that emerged to form the majority of the New Testament isn’t one of doom and gloom but of realistic hope and confidence. Our ancient brothers knew something their neighbors did not: the world and…

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