Let Andy Crouch Help Your Family Become Tech-Wise

Courtney Reissig | April 12, 2017

As a parent, few things consume my thinking more than how we’ll use technology with our kids. I’ve read the statistics. I’ve seen what technology use can do. But, like many other parents, I still wonder how best to use technology in our family, which is why I’m thankful for Andy Crouch. In his new book, The Tech-Wise Family: Everyday Steps for Putting Technology in Its Proper Place, Crouch provides a helpful framework for families in their quest to use technology wisely in their homes.

The volume is divided into three parts. The first (chs. 1–3) is about the decisions of a tech-wise family. The second part (chs. 4–8) gets practical, zooming in on daily life in the tech-wise family. The third part (chs. 9–10) is a sort of “where we want to be” section about how a tech-wise family focuses on what matters most. With his “Ten Tech-Wise Commitments,” Crouch—formerly at Christianity Today and now a senior strategist for communication at the Templeton Foundation—shows parents that technology use in the home doesn’t have to be shaped by the surrounding culture, but can be intentional and promote the flourishing of every family member. 

Creating a Better Alternative 

Crouch doesn’t just encourage parents to put down their phones…

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