Losing Mom One Memory at a Time

Tim Thornborough | March 12, 2016

Visits to my mom follow a predictable path. She recognizes me as I walk in. I sit with her and hold her hand. She asks me how everyone is; her eyes betray the internal struggle to remember the people I’m talking about. They are her grandchildren, her daughter-in-law. The conversation is punctuated by repeated questions. My answers are honed by repetition.

“I’m ready to go home whenever you are,” she says.

“No, Mom, you live here now—you’ve got your own lovely room over there.”

“Are you staying at my mom’s house?” she asks.

“No, Mom, I live close by with Kathy and the children.” (I can’t bear to tell her that her parents and sister have been dead for more than 25 years.)

“You must have traveled a long way to get here.”

“No, Mom, I just live around the corner.”

Slow Motion Disease 

Alzheimer’s is cruel. It is slow motion time travel into the past—with no return tickets on sale.

It confuses her that she’s old and hardly able to walk. Deep down Mom thinks she should be going to work in the factory making Lancaster bombers for the British Air Force—the date being 1943.

She talks warmly of that time and remembers some…

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