Making a Living Is Loving a Neighbor

Bethany Jenkins | June 2, 2016

Earlier this year, we invited women to apply for a special dinner hosted by Every Square Inch at our upcoming women’s conference. Almost 100 women applied by submitting 750-word reflections that answered three questions: (1) What do you do every day? (2) How do you feel about what you do? (3) When have you found your work particularly meaningful?

Today, we feature four of the 25 women selected.


The women featured below have (at least) one thing in common—they provide for others in their work. Whether that means advising clients on giving to missions, making the internet work, answering customers’ concerns, or planning melon production, these women see themselves as “the fingers of God,” going into their workplaces as agents of his providential love.

Cynthia Cui is a financial consultant at one of the largest wealth management corporations in Canada. As a recent college graduate who studied actuarial science, statistics, and political science, she seeks to make a difference in the lives of others. After brief stints in the private sector, politics, and the nonprofit sector, Cynthia has decided to return to her financial roots.

  • I work with individuals and families to be good stewards of the financial resources God has given them. To…

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