Meeting Marty Scorsese

Mako Fujimura | December 23, 2016

Silence is a journey I was reluctant to go on. In fact, if not for my friend Mark Rodgers who kept on insisting I write the book Silence and Beauty, despite the fact I said “no” several times, I would never embarked on it.

“Would you like to speak to Marty about it?” Mark asked finally. 

“Sure . . .” I answered. Who wouldn’t want to speak to the legendary film director! Not too long afterward, I met with Martin Scorsese in his home.

Full of movie posters and statues (including an Oscar), his townhouse felt resplendent, with so many stories each object, each image can tell. What was promised to be a short meeting turned out to be an hour with several of his associates in the room. We spoke of his experience with The Last Temptation of Christ, with which Scorsese became the inadvertent poster child for burgeoning culture wars. We spoke of Japanese author Shusaku Endo and Kichijiro (one of Endo’s key characters in his 1966 book, Silence), a journey that began for Scorsese 27 years ago and culminates today with the release of his new movie. His associate spoke about the process of how an adventure film is made, but the way Scorsese agreed with this…

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