Men and Women Are Not the Same

Alastair Roberts | May 24, 2017

In Sex Scandal: The Drive to Abolish Male and Female, journalist Ashley McGuire articulates the crisis of sexual identity facing the contemporary West, all in a punchy and accessible style.

McGuire explores numerous fronts of the current assault on the reality of sexual difference: children’s toys and education, cultural discourse around the terms “sex” and “gender,” colleges and their sexual culture, the military, emergency services, the entertainment industry, legal developments, social norms, and the gender identity movement. Each front is presented through a litany of journalistic anecdotes and symptomatic causes célèbres. Together they reveal a society fraught with conflict over one of the most basic human realities—the difference between men and women.

Throughout her treatment, McGuire goes against society’s blindness to the reality of significant and unavoidable difference between men and women. Nature, of course, won’t readily function as the docile handmaid of our ideological fancies. McGuire presents case after case in which the lie that there’s no significant difference between the sexes is embarrassingly exposed. A noncompliant natural order reasserts itself, despite all our attempts to resist it. Unfortunately, in the single-minded pursuit of ideology, the rebuffs of nature are answered with redoubled efforts to erase sexual difference, accompanied by recriminations blaming an unenlightened society for the…

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