Your Work in the Home Matters to God

Gracy Olmstead | March 31, 2017

I’m a part-time journalist and stay-at-home mom with a 15-month-old daughter (a daughter who’s currently trying to hand me blocks and, for the record, keeps deleting words as I write them). While portions of my day are spent reading news and writing articles, most of my hours are spent caring for this sweet little girl—and cleaning up the chaos she leaves in her wake.

It’s easy to get tired of washing dishes, sweeping floors, and cleaning up the Ikea high chair one more time before bed. It’s easy to think none of this really matters, in part because it isn’t seen. The house may be clean for a moment, but its destruction will take a matter of seconds. The laundry is folded and ironed for now, but will be completely undone tomorrow.

In the world’s eyes, “what we do” from 9 to 5 is our easiest marker of success and social standing. The more money we make, the more prestigious our position. The more humane and world-changing our career, the more our lives seem to matter. The more complicated and intellectual our jobs, the more cerebral and astute we’re perceived to be.

But then there’s stay-at-home work. It’s unpaid. It’s focused on…

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