Moms with Hands Full Need the Church

Emily Morrice | June 17, 2015

We brought our first child to church when she was just over a week old. We repeated this practice with two more children, and each time heard the same, disheartening question: “What are you doing here?”

If ever there were a segment of our church body that we tend to exempt from the active participation of church membership, it’s families with young children. I write as a mother, in the throes of raising my three little ones (all younger than 5), and I understand the frenzy of Sunday mornings. Further, I know all too well the temptation to skip church when the kids are a handful, or worse, to resent the church when our expectations aren’t met.

Having young children has become a type of carte blanche, excusing us from regular attendance, service, hospitality, and evangelism. But I plead with you, mothers of little ones, don’t give up on your local church.

Lowering the Bar

With young children, everything is more difficult. Joyous, sure, but easier? No mom spends a day with her little ones doing everything she needs to do at home, investing in her relationship with the Lord, her husband, and unbelievers and thinks This is so much easier now

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