More than Money: Tim Keller on How to Live Generously

Matt Smethurst | March 31, 2016

The subject of generosity makes us squirm, doesn’t it? We feel in our gut we’re not nearly as generous as we could be, as we should be. So we live our days with low-level guilt when we’re not ignoring it altogether.
And then some article brings it up, and there you are—here you are—confronted again. 

But according to Tim Keller, generosity is about far more than money. It also relates to power, to relationships, to hospitality, to ministry, and above all, to grace. Generosity: Responding to God’s Radical Grace in Community is a new study kit from Redeemer Presbyterian Church that includes a study guide, DVD sermon series, and 20-day devotional booklet. A seven-session curriculum, Generosity is ideal for church and small group leaders seeking a solid resource on this vital but sometimes awkward subject.

I corresponded with Keller, pastor of Redeemer and vice president of The Gospel Coalition, about tithing, common misconceptions, whether pastors should know how much individual members give, and more.

What’s the link between tithing in the Old Testament and Christian giving to the church today? 

Jesus points to the Pharisees’ faithful tithing and says they nonetheless neglect justice and the love of God (Luke 11:42). He then says they indeed should do the former (tithing) but not neglect the latter. Jesus seems to assume believers would tithe. 

But if…

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