My Brother Saved My Parents’ Marriage

Caitlin Nunery | March 10, 2017

We approached the Golden Arches on Ann Arbor Road, and Dad turned on his blinker. Each Wednesday night after youth group, the high schoolers met up at McDonald’s. I didn’t yet have my license, so he drove me. As I went to open the door, he tried to start a conversation.


“Yeah?” I responded, eager to get out of the car and join all my friends inside.

“Sweetheart, we know why Mom has been so sick.” 

At this my heart beat faster. For several years my mom had suffered with health issues, and recently she’d been bedridden. We didn’t know what the problem was. I nodded, urging him to continue.

“We’re pregnant.”

I couldn’t have heard him right.

“You’re what?”

“I know, it’s a shock to us too. We’re pregnant.”

My mind raced. I should feel happyMom’s okay; we’re going to have a baby in the house. I love babies. But all these thoughts were mired in embarrassment: Now all my friends would know my parents were having sex! I was mortified.

End to Slumber

Beyond the horizon of my adolescent embarrassment, greater tragedies loomed. Due to an earlier operation, doctors had thought it was impossible for my mom to become…

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