On My Shelf: Life and Books with Joel Beeke

Ivan Mesa | February 14, 2017

On My Shelf helps you get to know various writers through a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their lives as readers.

I asked Joel Beeke—president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, and a pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan—about what’s on his nightstand, his favorite biographies, his favorite Puritan work, and more.

What’s on your nightstand right now?  

My nightstand is always overflowing. The Reformation Heritage KJV Study Bible is there, of course. My wife and I read it together every day—including the family worship sections at the end of each chapter.

Samuel Rutherford’s Letters has been there for more than 20 years; Valley of Vision, a Puritan collection of poetry, has been there for 10 years. I read these books especially if I’m feeling a bit discouraged, as they are pick-me-uppers.

Then, presently, there’s Shawn Wright’s Theodore Beza, as well as an old copy of Beza’s own book on The Song of Solomon (only the first three chapters)—published in English in 1587, 18 years before he died.

There’s also an out-of-print manuscript by John Calvin on suffering, and a doctoral dissertation by Eric Rivera, ‘From Blackfriars to Heaven’: The Puritan Practical

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