On My Shelf: Life and Books with John Frame

Ivan Mesa | February 1, 2016

On My Shelf helps you get to know various writers through a behind-the-scences glimpse into their lives as readers.

I corresponded with John Frame, professor of systematic theology and philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida. In this interview we learn what books have profoundly shaped Frame, what he’s learning about life and following Jesus, his current writing projects, and more.

What’s on your nightstand right now? 

A lamp, two alarm clocks, and a CPAP machine.

What are you learning about life and following Jesus? 

There’s no predictable pattern in life; but God teaches through every circumstance. At 76 I can say that it’s all been good, even situations I used to agonize about.

What books have most profoundly shaped how you serve and lead others for the sake of the gospel? 

What biographies or autobiographies have most influenced you? 

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