Only the Gospel, Not Our Vocation, Can Truly Change Us

Tom Nelson | November 6, 2014

One of the greatest joys of my life is witnessing the power of the gospel in giving new life to those around me. I remember the first time I met Ron at a local coffee shop. Although Ron had not done the church thing for a long time, he had been attending our Sunday morning worship services, and to his surprise he had found his church experience meaningful. Ron had many questions about the Christian faith, so we set up a time to get together over a cup of coffee. At first glance, Ron displayed the many appealing attributes of a successful career in sales and marketing. Ron was warm, engaging, and confident. His years of work had hewn his social and relational skills to a razor-sharp competency, but as we talked further, Ron transparently began to reveal more about the turbulent currents swirling under the waterline of his life.

Ron had experienced the pain of two failed marriages and a growing sense of discontentment and disillusionment in his corporate world. Ron was seeking wisdom and guidance on living life well. He wanted to know what the Christian faith was and how it connected to the real world of his…

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